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SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® is the VERY FIRST resource that has compiled all of the Virtual Speaking Opportunities at meetings, venues and associations across the continent that cater to the specific audiences you serve!
Speakers, Experts, Authors and Entrepreneurs get exactly what you need most for impact and visibility - instantly at your fingertips.
Direct Contacts for All the Evergreen Speaking Opportunities in the Niche of Your Choice Across North America.

Amy Dix, International Speaker

Subscriber to 5 SpeakerTunity Cities Directories and counting!

“Booking local events is the key to growling your business and getting on bigger stages! SpeakerTunity Cities®️ is NOT just another directory with outdated events and no real contact information.

SpeakerTunity gives you everything you need to talk to the right person in the right categories so you can leverage your message for more business! I have even been able to get on national stages, as a result of local speaking engagements.

Thank you so much SpeakerTunity Cities®️! You have made my life easier and saved hundreds of hours for me and my team!!”


What our customers are saying about SpeakerTunity®️ Directories:

Dr. Gary Salyer

Master Transformational Relationship Coach and Author of the Bestselling Book, Safe to Love Again

I have found this to be an absolute game-changer for me. It's so much easier. It allows me to see a bigger field. I can be more precise as to which ones really fit me. And it's just so wonderful when you reach out you have a lot more confidence that you're reaching out to the right people. If you're really a serious speaker, this will fast forward you a long way in your speaking career! I can't say enough about Speakertunity Cities. This is a beautiful service!

Norma Hollis

I am an international speaker who recently purchased a copy of Speakertunity Cities for Los Angeles. I was absolutely amazed at how many opportunities there were-- over 1400! That's the strongest list I've ever seen of speaking opportunities and I used to own a speakers bureau! It’s so important to always have a constant flow of opportunities to speak. Speakertunity Cities has it. I suggest you get your copy now.

Bill Walsh

America's Small Business Expert, Venture Capitalist, and bestselling author of the book "The Obvious."

We do about 300 events for small businesses and entrepreneurs internationally. The question is, why is it important to speak as much as you can?  Why is it important to build locally? Build local with Eventbrite, Meetups, Rotaries, Chambers, or wherever you can speak. Team up with organizations like SpeakerTunity who can help you to get your message out even further!

Choose Your Specialties from Among These Market Segments:

You will find:
  • 10 different specialty niches of “general” business meetings
  • 29 different specialty niches focused on a particular industry
  • 3 different niches of service and philanthropic groups
  • 19 different niches focused on various aspects of personal life
SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® gets you directly to your target audience so you can change their lives and grow your business!

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SpeakerTunity Cities®️ does not cover conferences, events, or corporate contacts - our directories include meetings, venues, and associations in each local market!