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Get ALL the Leads in Every Possible Category that Serves YOU For Pennies a Lead!

Choose from 75 U.S. and Canada Regional Directories (Pick Your Hometown or a Location
You’re Traveling to). Receive ALL the Association, Meetings and Venue Leads in 4 Possible Categories:

  • Business – subdivided into 55 specific industries, ethnicities, and genders
  • Philanthropic and Service groups – everything from Rotary to Soroptimist to 100 Black Women to Kin Clubs in CAN and 40 more
  • Consumer Special Interest Groups -- moms, health & wellness support groups, parenting,
  • LGBTQ, military -- plus libraries, bookstores & more ...everywhere you can speak directly to people in need!
  • Spiritual venues—Unity/Centers for Spiritual Living, faith-based groups &churches and
    consciousness meetings

Up to 2000+ leads in any one market. And locals love to book locals! Best of all, with the world opening up — you now have options to speak in live meeting rooms, or present online where those meetings have continued virtually.

It only takes 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Region;

Step 2: Choose Your Market or Your Bundle;

Step 3: Click Buy Now, Submit Payment Information and Download Your Directory

What do I get?

  • A Directory filled with meetings, venues and associations where your target audience hangs out.
  • An excel file, or if you choose to request It, a PDF with names, phone numbers and emails of the contacts for that organization, a brief description and a link to the website. You can edit the excel file as you see fit for your outreach purposes. These are EVERGREEN OPPORTUNITIES—meetings that continually need speakers.
  • A guarantee that should you find any outdated listings, our team will look for any more recent contacts upon your notifying us.
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Choose Your City:

$479 for Your First/Home Market

$395 for Each Additional City

Get Your Directory and Let Someone Else Do the Booking!

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SpeakerTunity Cities does not cover conferences, events, or corporate contacts - our directories include meetings, venues, and associations in each local market!